Like seriously, what am I doing? And am I crazy? 

  • I left my well-paying job for coaching…
  • I signed up for a mentor without having the money to pay her…

I’d say my husband thinks I’m crazy (LOL).

So I started my full-time coaching biz mid-March (been coaching online/part-time before that).

And I’ve been lucky to help many women and men since then to lose weight and transform their lives.



It’s been challenging, absolutely.

Not in the way I expected.

Getting out there is easy – like the steps are actually REALLY easy.

  • Network.
  • Book a talk.
  • Invite someone to your program.
  • Run a facebook live.
  • Write a blog.
  • Post a picture.
  • Record a video.
  • Create a sales page.

But the emotion and thought patterns with doing what most others don’t dare…

That’s where the work seriously is.

There have been so many times where I’ve been afraid to hit the button and send an email or post something because “what if it doesn’t work?” or “have I pushed it too far this time?”. You know this feeling?


Every time I still followed through. 

I just trusted that I’m in the EXACT right place.

Trusting that the process is what it is.

You get to be a successful coach because you just get to.


When you work on seeing and believing the vision you are creating.

And you stay in it EVERY. DAMN. DAY.


You will create a business and life you can be really freaking proud of.


Here’s the thing – NO ONE HAS IT EASY. The difference between those who make it big and those who don’t. The support they get from those who have succeeded before in what you do. 

Keeping it real for you:

  • I’ve run headfirst into opportunities which have expanded and grown.
  • I’ve run headfirst into opportunities which have only expanded ME (i.e. massive flops).
  • I started with zero network.
  • I celebrated the really good and the bad because it meant I was in the game. Not sitting back and watching others.
  • But I made $4k in 6-7 weeks from nothing and now I’m smashing it, paying my bills and regularly having people book in to work with me.


Last year, when I was coaching part-time, it took me ages to work out what worked for me because I was doing it alone.

When I signed up for my first mentor. It took me a few weeks to breath again.

It was A LOT of money.

But I expanded fast. Personally and professionally.


I was prepared to take the risk and play a big game. It’s paid off! 

The more people I help, the more people are healed and now I get to teach others to reach more people when they are just starting out so they can do the same. The more people I help to reach more people, the better the world will be.


Here’s what’s amazing about this beautiful business.

I help & heal people.

To help & heal others.

This helps & heals me.

And the work I’ve done on my mindset means I’m never hustling, chasing or feeling salesy.

I’m just showing up, having fun, caring for my clients and healing the world. That’s how I got to create such a fast result when I first started – I showed up and trusted the right people will connect and find me when they are ready for to transform and experience results you can feel really freaking proud of. 

So make courageous decisions – think bold & big.

Take brave and imperfect action.

Choose to live and enjoy the process.


Get back up.



You have got this.

You are always taken care of. ALWAYS.

Always have been and always will be.

It always works out.  

Just stay in that tension girl.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Keep going.

You’ve got this.


Love you!


Chloe x


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Live Life Boldly.

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