It’s nearly 2018 and as a result, I’ve been reflecting ALOT.

There’s one common thread which plays over in my mind, who do I want to become in 2018?

2017 has been my most exciting year yet, planning a wedding with Brett, my traumatic experience in South Africa and launching my passion project to help woman breakthrough their weight loss barriers without diet or exercise so they can love their bodies and in turn, love themselves and live authentically to their life purpose. 

And I haven’t gone crazy… yet… ha

I purposefully took some time away from work and wedding planning this week past so I could get really clear on what 2018 needs to be for me, who I need to become to make it possible.

As a result, I realised how hidden the real me actually was. I had closed the door on myself and my authenticity in fear of getting things wrong, not living up to expectation, doing life “perfectly”…

I felt a little like someone had hit me in the face, a fresh slap when I realised I had allowed so many very small failures to make me smaller, insignificant, scared and under-valued which is BULLSH*T.

And so now, planning 2018 and surrounding myself with a bunch of passionate, value-driven entrepreneurs over the past week has helped me see the path I need to take so I can be 1000% ME. I’m putting it out to the universe today to say, I’m becoming:

  • the version of me that I LOVE

  • the HEALTHIEST version of me


I’m a little nervous, it’s not like I’ll be all those things over night but I’ll be taking small steps and sharing them as I go. This journey isn’t just for me, it’s for my clients and for the woman out there who feel like they aren’t living authentically to themselves and want to break free from that feeling and be bright, bold, sexy, sassy and fun!!

So as my first commitment to becoming all of those things in 2018, it’s a proclamation to all things I strive to be and strive for my clients, we are woman finding our strength, energy, boldness, beauty, confidence and sexiness! I’m proud to announce the official launch of Sass Me

Watch out 2018, I’m coming back hard, every day another opportunity to live as authentically as I possibly can and I won’t be making apologies along the way.

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