I was suiting up every day for my corporate job. 

Implementing process and software into MANY businesses.

Managing teams from 5 to 35 across Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, India

Travelling often. 

Training people on processes and technology that they didn’t know/understand YET. 


I had a goal, to reach 6-figures by 30. 

I hit it at 25.


That was my one and only goal in life. 

So no surprises I felt grossly unfulfilled,

I had lost my purpose, pouring years into chasing money. 


Do you know what’s funny? I had ZERO savings to show for it. 

Here’s the thing, when you working 60-70 work weeks…

You want your weekends to be AMAZING

So bars, entertainment, celebrating – constantly…


We are the “free-est” we have ever been in history. 

And yet the most imprisoned. 


It’s like we want our freedom taken away. 

I used to want others to make decisions so I didn’t have to. 

I wanted someone to tell me what my purpose was. 

I was too tired to figure that out. 


But at what point, was it okay for us to just giveaway our freedom? 

60-70 hours per week to get a good performance review (nothing else, no bonuses in that job)

And the kicker, for a company who 2 years later has well and truly forgotten me.


Just a side note, it’s not about the company or people (I loved both)

It’s about the system – how we are sold a dream and yet only have a weekend to live it in or a holiday which needs to be approved by someone else… 


I say FK that! 

My freedom is worth every ounce of fight. 

I’m fighting for my freedom because it’s a fight worth having. 

I’m fighting for my client’s freedom because it’s a fight worth having. 

I’m fighting for your freedom because well fk who is? 


I will stand up here, and shout my message, 

This is my fight. 

To influence those around me to live more, be more and do more of what they want! 

To work out what they are passionate about. 

To follow their dreams. 

To create something they feel really proud of. 


To break out of the damaging and limiting mindsets that keep the play so small.

We are better than this. 

We have gifts to share, to teach, to inspire! 


We cannot play small any longer. 

Get your fk-ing a$$ in to gear – it is time to play BIG for FREEDOM! 


How will you show up? 


Much love, 


Chloe xx

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