I started out with an intensely practiced hot hook, it went something like: “I help men and woman to feel sexy, lose weight for good and love their bodies. Do you know someone who wants to feel sexy, lose weight for good and love their body?”

I didn’t know any different at the time, in some ways, it didn’t feel good but I did it anyways because that’s what I was taught in my course works.

Today, after trying many different ways and learning A LOT about starting a business, this is one of the fastest ways to close down a conversation and a long-term relationship. 

Here’s why…

  1. It feels like a bait and switch – start a conversation and by the 2nd or 3rd question in, try to offer them or someone they know your service. That has old school sales written all over it. 
  2. It assumes every person you speak with can relate or will resonate and take action. I don’t know any husbands going to their wives, “Hey hun, Chloe specialises in feeling sexy, I’ve booked you in… “
  3. It misses the point of making LONG-TERM connections (who likes being sold to in the first minute? No thank you!)

Please remember: Business is about connection and community not one conversation. You could have 6-7 conversations with someone before they decide to say YES. 

So here’s what I recommend:

  1. Create your hot hook according to the person you speak with.
  2. Create intrigue! Leave your title and how you do what you do out until…
  3. They say “WOW! How do you do that?”

Here’s two examples!

  1. This is to a potential ideal client – I help woman feel sexy and confident without restriction or deprivation. And she will say! “Wow, that sounds awesome, how do you do that?” And then we continue to talk about what I do. 
  2. This is to someone who isn’t an ideal client – “I help woman get excited about their health and get great results while still having fun and without crazy diets” 

Notice the difference? I’m speaking to my ideal client in the first one and in the second one, I’m educating others on how to communicate what I do so…

  • instead of a husband going to his wife: “I met Chloe who can help you feel sexy, lose weight, give you a diet.” 
  • Instead, he can say: “I met Chloe who specialises in helping people get excited about their health and get great results while still having fun and without crazy diets”.

That’s all I can cover with you about hot hooks today, we all know there is more to it than that first conversation. 

This is why in the Health Coach Biz Accelerator starting Monday, 25th March, I’m teaching the essential pieces of creating relationships and community fast so you can start benefiting from the conversations you are having without being push-y, sales-y or feeling like you are constantly pitching. 

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Using Hot Hooks to get clients

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