Have you ever been on a call where you felt you HAD TO say YES? Where you felt pushed to answer questions with someone you didn’t trust yet? 


I remember being the one needing that client to say YES… I wanted to be thinking about the client but what was really on my mind was bills/getting the next client. 


It wasn’t great… It felt yuck for me and for that client. Safe to say they “had to think about it” and never came back. Probably a good thing reflecting back. 


How incredible would it be to know your discovery calls are so authentic and genuine that no convincing is required? And as a result, get more people saying YES? 


Then you are going to LOVE what’s coming up this week! 


Join me to learn more about the right questions to ask to have more people saying EMPOWERED YESes! 


Hosted in the Facebook Group I AM A HEALTH COACH 6pm AEDT this Thursday.


See you there!! 


Chloe xx


Ps. Are you worried when it comes to getting clients? Feeling like you are coming across as sales-y or push-y so you can get a YES to book a call or even join your program? 


But all you actually hear is NO or absolute crickets… 

Maybe you get a “I can’t afford it” at the end of what felt like an incredible coaching call. Is that how your calls are ending? 


I get it because me of all people certainly knows that feeling! I was in the same situation. I once did 10 calls over a week and they were all NO’s…  


But all seriousness, what if you were so confident in booking discovery calls and inviting them to work with you, that the ONLY thing stopping you from hearing a “Yes” was whether or not you wanted to work with them? 


So good! 


And the Stand out Membership is OPEN for this! And… our first strategy, empowered and successful sales conversations! We start this week – if you aren’t in it yet, jump in and check it out – www.sassme.com.au/membership.


For those who join in the next 7 days, all get a laser coaching session directly with me. 

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