This week I’ve been learning A LOT about self-esteem and it’s obvious we aren’t born with low self-esteem so at what point do we decide to make it a thing?

As kids we are confident and say what we mean and mean what we say, there’s no fakeness about it.

I went to the recent workshop Courage To Be You run by Joe Pane and sponsored by The  Coaching Institute and his knowledge on this topic is incredible! As a life coach for many years, he is incredibly experienced and has seen all our issues many times over.

I resonated with this from my own coaching practice, we are all very UNIQUE but our PROBLEMS aren’t. There’s comfort in this, we can all be in this together and learn from each other to get unstuck and live our lives in the best way without the low self-esteem, fear of what others think of us or the fear of not having enough.

When we feel STUCK and everything is going wrong, we feel over-whelmed, exhausted and over it, this is when we start looking for comfort or extravagance. I’ve been in this situation before, when I’ve been over-whelmed, my first stop would be the couch as soon as I get home and I need to be on there for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE to ensure I’m maximising my relaxation.

Does it work? Not really, I’m trawling Facebook and watching TV so I don’t give my brain a chance to properly relax.

The other thing I start doing if I have enough energy is celebrate everything! It’s Friday, time to celebrate with a glass of wine and dinner out, then it’s Monday, I made it through the first working day for the week, time to celebrate. I’m not alone on this, how do you mis-handle your over-whelm and stuck-ness?

Your health is your only vehicle and the key to living your best life” – Chloe McCreedy

I’m going to share some key principles I learned that help you feel less STUCK so you can move forward towards a healthier and more vibrant you! Instead of over-doing the couch time and celebrations which impact your energy, digestion and weight.

  1. Do something for someone else! 
    • When we are feeling stuck, can’t switch off and the little voices in our heads are being cruel, we need to GET OUT OF OUR HEADS! The fastest way to do this is to do something for someone else. How good does it feel when you’ve helped someone out of a jam? Your energy levels soar and your on cloud 9 for most of the day.
    • It can be as small as paying someone a compliment (a heart-felt, genuine and specific compliment). Hi Hubby, thank you so much for looking after our lawns, they look amazing, make the house look fresh again and it makes me feel really good and proud to drive up to our house. 
    • Or big, we met this guy in Hawaii who went out of his way to help us see the best parts of Hawaii. He didn’t have to, he wanted to. How amazing and giving was that?
  2. Spend time with more people who are positive, energetic, inspire and support you on your journey!
    • As Jim Rohn – motivational speaker says, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. We are greatly influenced by those around us so change up the scene and surround yourself with the people you want to be more like. This influence can reach your health, relationships, finances, career and life purpose!
  3. Decide to leave your rut NOW and take the first micro step
    • This is the hardest part right? You’d love to close your eyes and the change has happened whether that be losing weight, boosting your energy, changing jobs. The change is scary and you don’t know what you don’t know.
    • This is when we find reasons for why we couldn’t possibly fulfil the goal:
      • It’s never worked before so why now?
      • I don’t have the money
      • I have no time!
      • My partner won’t let me do it
      • It’s in the genes so I’m destined to be this way
    • What really stood out for me in the Courage To Be You workshop was the phrase: “Whatever is in the way, is the way” – Joe Pane. It’s true, if there is no fear, we would:
      • find the money,
      • find the time,
      • develop the mindset to make this time count and break the mould.
      • change the conversation with our partner (instead of asking for permission)
    • It’s scary but as Joe puts it, “The ultimate antidote to all fear is action.” So take the micro step forward to make the change that is going to empower you to become your best self. Start with you, your health, the most important vehicle which will enable you to have the energy and confidence to experience a different reality in your relationships, career, finances and life purpose!



I’m fiercely passionate about helping people live a more energetic life so they can follow their purpose and help others live their dreams. If you want to know more to break through the barriers holding you back in your health so you can lift your self-esteem, double your energy, improve digestion or lose weight then book your complimentary Health Transformation Discovery Session in the link below. In this session, we look at:

  1. Discovering your vision for your health and purpose for becoming the healthiest version of you
  2. Uncover what is stopping you or slowing you down from having what you want
  3. Pull together a plan for your recommended next best step to help you step in to the best version of you!

Book your Health Transformation Discovery Session here! 

Here’s to becoming the healthiest version of you!

Chloe xx


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