I’ll be honest with you – when I first got started, I was a hot mess when it came to sales and marketing. 


The business training from my health coaching course wasn’t enough. 


What I really wanted was someone to give me a message that felt and sounded like me… 

So when there wasn’t anyone to do that.

I tried to force the message out…


And surprise, surprise, it didn’t work. I was trying to figure out a formula. I tried fitting logic into a heart’s job…


This, I thought, was how to “fix it” and have lots of clients.

Forcing results was a method I had always used to prevent disappoint or failure.


So in order to get it “right”, I realised several months in, I was just regurgitating everyone else’s message. 


I got clients… but they weren’t my ideal clients. They weren’t my people! 


It doesn’t serve anyone to force yourself to post or use someone else’s message, it will feel so wrong, bring in client’s you don’t want. 


So on a similar wavelength, it also doesn’t serve anyone for you to get on the phone and expect a YES for the time and effort you’ve put in. No one owes you anything. 


When I found my voice, no matter how basic, simple it felt to me – it was authentic, genuine and mine. And here’s what happened…


  • I attracted my ideal clients 
  • I had more calls booked and
  • More YESes at high-end prices!
  • My content developed as I got more clients
  • And it got so easy to write!!



Much love, 


Chloe xx


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Why I kept attracting the wrong clients

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