You always knew the fundamentals.

You knew the right foods.

You knew the right exercise.

You knew the right habits to form.


You knew.

So where were the results?


You always thought it was about being the most controlled.

Eating perfectly was controlling everything that went in your mouth.

Never splurging, never having fun.


You cross the line – you fail, you suffer, you gain weight.

Nothing or no one can be trusted.

There is no inbetween.


God forbid you did crave something “naughty”.

You were so afraid you’d lose control and eat everything in sight.

Your out-of-control self would make you fatter – don’t let her out.

You can’t trust her, you can’t trust yourself.


Even thinking about it makes you want to tighten the reins.

Get stricter, eat less, remove more “bad” foods.

You can’t trust that it will work out okay if you relax for a second.


I feel your fear.

I see your frustration.


When logically the work you are doing isn’t working, where do you turn?

Countless hours and effort wasted.


Working really fucking hard.

The weight is relentless.


What do you trust?

Where do you go?

You’ve done your research – you’ve seen the specialists (I did too).

You’ve wasted money now and you still aren’t making headway.


You feel you are being healthy.

And you are following the rules.

It’s time you were rewarded.


You deserve to love your body – you’ve worked hard.

You’ve sought out all the information.

You’ve tried all the things.

Some have let you down, some were too hard to keep up with.


Let me tell you this.

You are doing nothing wrong.

I understand that you just want it to be better.

You want to feel better.


You deserve this – to feel better.

to feel happy.

to feel comfortable.

to feel confident.

to feel healthy.  

You do.


I cannot stress this enough.

You get to have what you want.

And if you get to have what you want, does it matter that you do it different to everyone else?


Does what you want seem too far-fetched?

Let me tell you this:

You only long for something that you have the capability to achieve. Period.


Or does the way to get their not seem clear or seems too crazy to be true?

Let me tell you this:

Confusion is our teacher. Lean in to the confusion.

Be open to the thought that maybe there is more to learn.

Be open to learning what it truly takes to lose weight for good.


Your dream to lose the weight – why?

What does weight represent to you?

Health? Freedom? Family? Happiness?

Romance? Money? Career?

What is it?


You get to have your dream. You just get to.

When you are ready to show up and do the work to truly understand why.

You get to finally be free.


Freedom – from food, judgement, control, weight.

You just get to have the body you want.

By letting go, you get the most power and most control.

Oh and you get to enjoy the cheese and a cheeky glass of wine (if you want to).


I can’t wait to help you do this.

Much love!

Chloe x


PS. Are you a bold lady who has suffered with weight long enough and is ready to learn what it takes to lose weight for good?

You might feel there is something wrong, that it isn’t possible for you and I want to teach you that you can lose weight for good, it’s possible, if you want it and I’ll give you all the tools to make it possible for you.

Step-by-step, together, we walk through the necessary skills to lose weight for good.

Every week, rewiring thought patterns and behaviours so you confidently and consistently show up in your health and life the way you want!

Be ready to show up and the reward is there!

I love helping people to lose weight and love the skin they are in.

Over 95% of my clients lose weight and keep it off – there’s a science to it and I can’t wait to share so you don’t have to struggle with weight anymore.

I struggled for 15 years and that was long enough, I want to teach people what I have learned and developed from my own experience and my client’s so you don’t have to struggle as long as I did. 

Are you ready to get started? 

Have some questions? Book in for a chat now. 


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