You have the most incredible tools and knowledge to help. 

You may not know it yet (maybe you do).

But until your out there, being seen, those clients cannot find you. 


You also deserve to make an income.


You hustle. You push. You fiercely work. 

And for what? To be busy. 

But until you realise “busy” gets you nowhere for a long time and that really, you needed to learn the skills of NOT HUSTLING/FREEDOM to ever have a freedom business. 


And didn’t you start your business for freedom?

Little hard when your busting your ass till you burn out and quit… 


When I said yes to what I want today. 

I started learning HOW to have a freedom lifestyle.

It wasn’t holidays on the beach every week.


Freedom is doing what I love every day. 

Freedom is seeing my clients get their first clients. 

Freedom is travelling and still making money. 

Freedom is giving myself permission to have guilt-free time off.


And it works, I made $2k just on New Years Day (a Day Off!).

I’m creating a business that I’ll show up doing what I love and it never feels like work.

That’s the real goal.


And why I created the On The Rise Mastermind.

If you started your business for freedom, then I’ll be teaching the strategies for having it now. Finding clients, making profit from day one, choosing freedom and lifestyle first. 


It does require action – brave and imperfect. Action is different to “work”. 

Work is being busy until you get a result. 

Action is strategic and effective to get a result. 


It does require mindset shifts – I’ll teach you how to choose the best strategies for your biz and do it in a way you’ll love. 


If you are ready to choose freedom and to help others on a big level then get in touch.


Chloé x


Ps. Applications are open for On The Rise Mastermind. Get in touch if you want to apply. 

You deserve to have clients

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