Do you crave to live into your true power?


My coach asked me to do a colour test, my core colour is white and motivation is peace and my core behaviour trait, creativity. ☮


Curious, isn’t it? To understand what drives you and keeps you balanced.


I spent my life saying I wasn’t creative (my mum’s an artist 👩‍🎨 and my sister a singer with a great eye for design and fashion) and yet, that’s the number one factor to my happiness. 😱


And peace being my core motivator and having to realign my idea of peace to reach greater levels of success. It’s not to bend over backwards for others to keep the peace temporarily✌ , it’s learning that speaking up and temporary conflict can result in future peace – like more people supported by health and wellness coaches to minimise preventable disease and live better lives. That’s peace to me.


Why am I telling you this???


Because I sense there’s a deeper core reason for you wanting to run a successful health/wellness coaching business and feel happy while doing it.


But there’s a big problem I’ve noticed, many educated and successful women in wellness coaching struggle with permission to feel fully satisfied with their lives (the way they want it, not the way society expects).


I watch as it keeps the very best and talented women from boldly going after their dreams and creating deep connections with themselves and others. They are usually holding themselves back from taking risks to explore and pursue their passion.


As an Organic Business Strategist for women in wellness, previous successful Health Coach and Psychology graduate, I love being of service to a women like you!


That’s why I’ve dedicated my life’s work to empowering educated and successful women who want to overcome low self-esteem and negative self talk and establish a clear path and strategy to create a life of confidence, financial freedom and personal power – becoming the happiest woman they know while having a positive impact on people’s health and lives.


So I’ve created a special 45-minute Financial Freedom Breakthrough Session (valued at $450) for women who are ready to create positive change and experience life satisfaction once and for all.


Last week, I sent an email gifting my most powerful sessions to select people in my circle. We started with five which have been snapped up fast, there’s just two left now.


So I’m curious, will you be the kind of woman who steps up for what she wants and takes the opportunity to create your dream for freedom?


Simply click here to fill out a simple application to secure one of these spots.


Applications must be completed by 11pm AEDT, 30th July.


I would love for one of those sessions to be yours if it feels right to you!


With gratitude,


Chloe McCreedy

Organic Business Strategist


Ps. With only 2 spaces remaining, these are going to go very quickly. So make sure that you get your application in right away to ensure one of those spaces is yours. Click here. 

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