Passion to Prosperity


Do you see those coaches and consultants booking clients with ease?

Would you like to know exactly how they do it and implement that in to your business?

I know when I first started, I did. I wanted a simple system that helped me to move forward with momentum and accelerate my way to 6-figures in my first year.

No one could give me the lightbulb moment of how to attract clients successfully.

That’s why I delayed leaving my job for 6 months because I just couldn’t see how I was going to get clients.

It took $10,000’s of investing along with my own trial and error to have finally created a repeatable system to create prosperity in business and life.

And I want that for other coaches and consultants who are wanting to have a massive impact like me too.

This 12 week program is my exact blueprint for going from zero network to fully booked out with 1-1 clients and making 6-figures in my first year in coaching.

And purposefully designed for the fun, driven and super passionate coach who wants the roadmap I used to prosperity without the crazy complication, overwhelm or trying to be in 1000 places at once.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated, the business stuff gets to be easy when combined with a rock solid mindset practice and aligning lifestyle and business so it flows and works together.

So in Passion to Prosperity, in the first two weeks… we focus on getting super clear on your vision, establishing a rock solid mindset practice around showing up and making money!

AS WELL AS surrounding yourself with like-minded coaches & consultants creating their dream businesses too for epic drive, accountability and awesome connections!

AND we will have amazing guest speakers who are leaders in their fields sharing their strategies too!

And that’s just prep weeks – YUSS!

Following that, we dive into 12 weeks of breaking down the very key aspects of a successful coaching business and with trainings and handouts teaching the tactics to:

1. Nail your message (and your niche if it isn’t clear yet) so you can stand out from a sea of coaches/consultants, attract the right clients, high-paying who are ready to work with you and speak with more potential clients.

2. Master your sales process so you can love the money conversations and also, hear more YESes! This process literally doubled my YESes so less discovery calls but more consistency.

3. Get more visible with your ideal clients in the online or local communities using my proven organic visibility system so you can surround yourself with ideal clients who are interested in working with you and receive rewarding pay days from your business without paying for ads.

4. And as a bonus, for the first 10 coaches, a personalised strategy call with me to map out your blueprint and leverage what you’ve got already (valued at $450), 10 ways to book more discovery calls and of course, our guest experts for visibility, branding and a few more I can’t share yet! 🤫


Wondering if this is right for you?

Wonder on this… what if you had a repeatable and proven system you could use over and over with ease in your business to create a steady stream of clients you love working with who get great results even if you haven’t had your first client yet?

Yeah… good right?

But if you aren’t jumping jacks excited wanting a steady stream of clients without doing the work then this isn’t for you. This really suits coaches who are driven, passionate and ready to have fun AND who are also ready and willing to show up and do the work in the system, like I did.

Are you that kind of entrepreneur? If yes, this is for you!