Hey lady Im going to go out on a limb here to say you want to…

Rock your online presence (and love it)

Build your network from scratch quickly and authentically

Build your biz INTO your lifestyle (not the other way around)

Turn “sales calls” in to an authentic, genuine convo (like it’s a wine & chat with a good friend

So, I’m listening and revealing all the steps I followed which took me from $0 to a $4k month in 6 weeks of starting my health coaching biz full-time. Plus, everything I learned that would have scaled this much faster. THIS IS SO POWERFUL AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE!

Most often, as coaches, we get stuck when it comes to:

  • Having a big enough network (ps. I didn’t have one)
  • Figuring out how to get “out there” and be genuine
  • Finding potential clients
  • “Trying” to figure out how to make money (how much do I charge, is it too much, not enough, what if they say no, can they afford it).

You are in the right place, if you are the lady who:

  • Wants to make money in coaching
  • Wants to be so certain on her niche and have it align with her passion
  • Knows she keeps getting stuck and need a new perspective to get out of the slump and really enjoy your biz
  • Knows this is her calling and wants it to be her main source of income
  • Is SO READY to do the inner work required and see results for your hard work and effort


  • You get to start now. There are no rules. 
  • It gets to be easy. 
  • It is fun – if you do the inner work to create it that way! 

And being the coach that IS going to make it, you don’t have time for limiting beliefs, you are here to make money, feel free, #noboss and help others while creating a life you freaking love! 

I get that starting a biz can be over-whelming, so many ideas, so many things to do, so much advice and how do I even explain what a health coach does? Seriously?! But I’m here to tell you that with a little help, you get to simplify, rise up and make a massive impact from today, starting right now.

If I can leave my full-time job, have $0 in coaching income and create $4k in sales in 6 weeks then you can too! I had no network or a “lucrative” niche – I just did the work to put myself out there, over and over again. Learn what worked, what didn’t. I signed myself up for biz training and health coach biz mentoring so I could bust through my limitations and create what I have today – a biz and lifestyle I love!


You need to know, it takes real guts, a mentor who has had your success and surrounding yourself with a group of powerhouses who are LIKE YOU to ignore the noise and create what you want.

This is what safe looks like, where you get to be a powerhouse and then a mess and then a powerhouse and create MASSIVE RESULTS in $$$ and freedom with a schedule you love and your tribe will just love every part of it. Sounds great right?

SERIOUSLY, I AM SO FREAKING GLAD TO BE IN A BIZ I LOVE AND NOW TEACHING OTHERS TO HAVE THIS TOO! I’m just unavailable to hustle or speak a certain way or focus on a “money-making” niche.

Life is so much more exciting, successful and free in my lane!



  • 4X my coaching income in 45 days of leaving my job and starting my biz full-time
  • I left my permanent, well-paying, implementations job to follow my dreams to help people like you feel THIS! Freedom, Inspiration and Self-Worth.
  • Investing MASSIVELY in myself, trusting the process, trusting I will be taken care of and showing up to make my investments worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.
  • Having more holidays! And still getting paid. FUCK YES!


  • Knowing what I’m worth – getting paid that!
  • Taking the very actions with ease that create more of what I want.
  • Investing MASSIVELY in myself, trusting it will just work out and showing up to make my investments worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.
  • Clients investing MASSIVELY in themselves and making it work.
  • Creating raving fans in my health coaching biz
  • Deeper connection with the people in my world (clients included) – I’ve released the rules around not being vulnerable and it’s paid off.

So now we are on the same page and you’re still reading, I’m guessing you want this too.

So let’s kick that BS and start playing a new game where you are the CEO of your life – play by your rules, make bold decisions, live life unleashed and create a business you can fall in love with EVERY. DAMN. DAY.



12 weeks – taking bold action to:

Make Money.
Live Life Boldly.
Afford your dreams and Take Action!
Be unapologetically YOU!

Step-by-step business-building actions which helped me 4X my coaching income in 45 days from leaving my job and starting my biz! And create a biz I feel free and have a lot of fun in. 

Including moving beyond my unconscious beliefs which kept holding me back and now I live a life I fucking love!

I’m making the most of my life, having fun, learning heaps and helping other woman feel just as valuable and fucking proud of their efforts. 

AND HERE’S THE REALLY COOL PART – you don’t need to do what I did or go through the business studies I went through because everything I’ve learned ($30k worth!) is jam-packed in to this program to help you get started and uplevel your business working with AMAZING CLIENTS YOU LOVE (AND MORE!).



So here’s what’s included:

The Basics

  • Weekly Group Training Online
  • Weekly 1-1 Coaching Call with me – woo hoo!! Business-building badassery :p
  • Private FB Community filled with others like YOU, showing up and doing the work too!
  • BONUS: The fastest path for marketing and connecting with potential clients – saves heaps of time and boosts your network quickly. FUNDAMENTAL!
  • VERY SPECIAL BONUS: Making the “Sale” but really, having a powerful conversation that feels like you are drinking wine with a friend. (PLUS, 1-1 practice with me to refine your approach so you can uplevel quickly! INCREDIBLY POWERFUL!

The Strategy

  • Know what you WANT. Get what you WANT. Create GOALS you cannot forget (and can’t wait to achieve)
  • Taking MASSIVE ACTION, bypassing fear and getting shit done
  • No more hustle, having a schedule that works for you – even when your life is OUT OF CONTROL
  • BONUS: Schedule for SUCCESS so you can get WHAT. YOU. WANT. and know how to get there with ease.
  • BONUS: Relationships! How to ask for the support you need to kick butt in life while you grow your biz.


  • Learn the trade secrets to keep showing up for your dreams (even when that critter brain has got you so wired) – THIS IS FUNDAMENTAL ❤
  • Showing up and creating MASSIVE transformations for clients even when you are feeling stressed and don’t have the energy for coaching work
  • Overcoming sabotage and taking the very next powerful step
  • For the Over-Thinkers and Anxious Folks – returning to the present when your head is swimming with overwhelming thoughts.
  • BONUS: Food Plan to Reset your Metabolism and Boost Energy (game-changer for your health coaching biz)

This is for the lady who has absolutely had enough of living in groundhog day and wants to create a thriving wellness business.

You know you are meant for this already.

You know you can create your dream (otherwise you wouldn’t dream it) and you are ready to be in the work every day rewiring your beliefs and thought patterns so you can show up and create the life of your dreams as a confident, energetic lady who helps other woman feel better!